Cheeky Little Devil

Cheeky Little Devil is munching on my Gym bag

umm.....errr..... no ?

but hurry up I gotta pee ;p



Food time

Since Chika's got tumor, chi chi stopped using commercial dogfood and started feeding the girls homemade food instead.
Chika's doing really well now and We hope the tumor stop growing and Chika will have a long and healthy happy life with us :)
This is boiled chayote and carrot and chicken.
and yes... they're both messy eaters

Chika mode

These are Chika's various sleeping position ;p

so cuteee

chi chi... I think I need a bigger bed....

sometimes when she's outside my room, she'd sleep like this againts my door and when I open the door she'd "fall" over hihi

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