Chika's scared of the Rain

It's been raining almost everyday now...
and everytime it rains, with or without thunderstorm
Chika got scared...

(while pochi on the other hand, will still run around trying to steal socks)
Chika goes into this "wary" mode, where she's very careful & also scared... she'd tuck her tail under and she'd squeeze in next to you....

You can tell that she looks scared here
poor baby is so cute :)
come here chika... I'll give you a big hug


Love Pee

Pochi pees in the bathroom...
she's such a city gal,
unlike chika, she prefers to pee on a floor rather than outside on the grass.

but she also pees everywhere around the house, so every once in a while, I have to "escort" her to the bathroom and politely request that she pees ;p
Seriously, I take her to the bathroom and say "pochi, go pee"
and she pees :)
if she doesn't feel like peeing, she'd bark at me hoahoahoahao :D

Chika on the other hand, doesn't pee in the bathroom, she prefers going outside or on a rough surface aka artificial indoor garden floor, but whenever pochi pees, she'd "mark" it by peeing there as well.
so if pochi pees whereever around the house, it's double work for me.
They like team up only on this peeing business to torture me with cleaning up ;p

This is what happens the other day
Pochi did a Love pee....
yup.... the pee was the shape of a heart :)
(the one on top is chika's)

See ?!!
cool huh ? :)

I might train her to do that again ;p
I just have to figure out how.... :)
heart-shaped treats perhaps ?
heart-shaped water bowl ?

I think more hugs and kisses will do :)


Orange Socks

pochi and the orange socks

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