Sexy Butt

In the mean time,
this is my sexy butt


plish ? :)

Hobo Tzu

So this is what Hobo Tzu does during the day

pochi : this is my blanket, chi chi is cheap

pochi : chi chi forbids me to shred blanket

pochi : what would you have me do chi chi ?
ooooo... what's dat ?
(pochi has mastered to pretend to look directly at you while actually staring at other stuff)

pochi : chi chi......it looks bright and warm and cozy and very chewy

To be Continued......

Monster lurks under my bed

I'm not imagining things,
but I seriously think a monster lurks under my bed

you see what I see ?



chi chi : Is that you pronch ?
and .......Is that my plastic cup I use to brush my teeth with ?

pochi : Oh... stop staring chi chi... it's not a monster, it's me pochi ;p

me.... cute....
If I look like this, would you let me keep the cup ?
no ?

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