chika's e-collar and her full costume

These are chika's e-collars
can you see ?
The one on the left , we bought from the vet, made in sweden
the one on the right, we bought from a petshop, made in china

So, the one on the left is made in sweden, we got it from the vet who offered if we wanted to just take it coz we'd need it at home.
it was made with one plastic sheet, quite a simple-clever design i should say,
and it costs us around us $ 5
at home we found out that some of it has chew marks...
so other dogs must've used it before and somehow got it out and chewed on it....
not chika, coz even chewing soft chewy treats takes her a long long long long long time now.
anyhow... it was kinda hard putting this particular e-collar because the plastic thingy has to be inserted to secure the e-collar in place.
in addition to that, a plastic rope/string has to be secured around her neck, otherwise chika would just 'escaped' her e-collar,
of course we wouldn't wanna choke her, so we gave her enough room around the neck.
in short, a lot of work !!!

So we went to a pet shop again....
looked for an e-collar
made in china, cost us only around US $2
it had velcro..... yippieee....
the thing only took us 2 seconds to put around chika's neck...
so........ there.....
get an e-collar with velcro, it makes life so much easier.

So this is Brown Eyes in Full Costume
poch : they're yellow

One thing to note is dat you should really trim your dog's hair before a surgery
hohhoho... because chika is kinda too hairy now
But it all works, coz the hair acts as a section divider for the velcro, so the shirt stays put :)

But looks like the e-collar's making her uncomfy when sleeping though.
poor thing....


Simba said...

I love the little gown. Hope you are collar free soon.

Simba x

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