Chika is Usmy ?

We decided to put a shirt on Chika....
so the stitches doesn't get in contact with the floor

So we went to a petshop and there were red shirts, pink shirts, girly girl shirt, even dresses and we saw a bumblebee outfit dat we wanted to put on pochi so much. it has wingssss !!!! and a hoodie !!!
*focus chi, focus*

So... we came across this dark green shirt...
Perfect... coz we need to apply betadine (iodine solution) and a special creme from the vet, twice a day, so any stain won't really show.

Grandmomo had to modify the shirt a bit
so chika didn't have to put the shirt on from her neck....
grandmomo added velcro strips
So Miss Usmy can be comfy with the shirt.
wait ??? usmy ?? who's usmy ? (read: oos-mee)

Well.. the dark green shirt has U.S Army written on it....so when grandmomo modified the shirt, all that's left is Usmy hoho

hence, miss usmy (aka chika) :)

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