Chika will undergo surgery this Saturday.
she happens to have mammary tumor.
She is still very active,
always jumping and running around
and eats a lot too :)
The thing is, chika's 9 years old
and chi's really worried, she's been crying.

chika : Don't worry chi, I'll be allright :) *smiles*

We love you chika *hugz*


me busy too

So, chi chi's been busy with work...

big deal....

I'm busy too

ninja puppy signing off *paw puff*


Therapy Ball

chi was very annoyed today...

poch : chi chi, dat's a strong word
chi : *frowns*

poch : so chi had to go to the bank today.. there was only 5 people in line, but it took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr................... so chi was really really annoyed....
afterwards she wanted to get ice cream.....*chi... r u 5?*...... and there was traffic jam going there , so she decided to just go home..... *wantz cold ice creammm*
so basically.... all frown frown & pout pout when I saw her....

but when she saw me.... she was all huggy huggy and forgot about everything dat happened earlier.

So...Yes it's official.... pronch ball is chi's therapy ball.
i though she was going to squeeze me.... i'm not a real ball, chi !!

poch : So chi... does this means I get more treats ?
where's my pic chi ? r u gonna post my pic now ?

chi : shoosh pronch... comereee..... *hugzzz* :)

ninja puppy shih tzu signing off *paw puff*

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