Ninja Disguise # 11
" Sea Cucumber "

chika on photophone

This is chika mamma looking like a cute baby puppy

slightly blurry... owkay... blurry blurry
but so cute tho... :)


chi wants to share this amazing pic of starz in a papaya :)

the explorer

Pochi the Explorer
yas dats me

a little privacy for the young explorer plish chi chi

hmm... instresting shape

nyom nyom nyom

forgive me chi chi, i'm not wat you ting ai am

it was all an act
ai am actually ....
a destroyaa

ninja puppy shih tzu signing off *paw puff*



chi : hey pronch, what r you doing by the door ?

poch : chi chi, your sista just came home

chi : oo.. i know...

poch : lemme out lemme out

chi : why ?

poch : she's my foodsource

chi : what ? i thought I was ur foodsource !!

poch : yas... but you are stingy foodsource, ur sista is generous foodsource, now lemme outt.....

sista sista, pochi's hereeeee !!! pochiii's hereee.... sistaaaa..... foodddd... sistaaa

chi chi's sista

poch : chi chi...since your name is chi chi foodsource mm...
let's make it chi chi pronchie foodsource
i'm going to name your sister :
princess sista achoo choo choo pronchie foodsource
here are the list of aliases that you should know of :
alias # 1 : sista
alias # 2 : choo choo
alias # 3 : princess

chi : why ? huh ? Hey !!!
why does she get to be called princess ?

poch : just becoz

chi : just becoz wot ?

poch : just becoz u're stingy and she's not :P

Golden Ball

chi : Here poch.... train with the golden ball instead

poch : seriously chi ??? dat ??

poch : here boli boli....

chi : but dat's ur name poch, not the ball's

poch : ohh owkayy... here goldie goldie....

poch : chi.... it's not responding
should I just attack it ?


poch : i don't want to train with goldie anymore,
she's a snob

*pouts again*

poch : chi dear, can I train with this instead ?
i found this under the table

chi : what table ? dat's my red sandal

poch : here... i can train with this like this....

busy poch

chi : what r u doing poch ?

poch : just sniffing

chi : *back to watching tv*

chi : *hears noises*

*and more noises*

chi : poch ...

poch : what ?

chi : what are you doing ?

poch : umm... i'm "FART training" , Remember ? it's part of my ninja training regime.

chi : well, umm... too, but no... no.... leggo poch

poch : *pouts*


swimee pool ?

Chi chi....chi chi....
what is dat ?
is dat a swimmee pool ?
what is it chi chi ?
I can't see inside.....
what's in there chi chi ?
is there fishie fishie in there ?

i iz reelee owned by pochi

everytime poch sneaks into granmamma's room
she'll hop on the scale

i do have proof, i do, i do

here's poch on da scale with her 'catch of the day'

will post more evidencesss


Ninja Disguise # 10
" Monkee woohoo "


yas chi chi

chi : poch
poch : yas chi chi ?

chi : hey poch ...
poch : yas chi chi ?

chi : pochi
poch : yas chi chi :)

chi : ooh pochh *hugz* :)

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