busy chi

Chi's been quite busy these days,
and she hasn't given me a showa in like....
well she gave me showa 2 weeks ago :(
but before that... i think it was a month... woohoooo

chi : poch, u stink !
poch : I so do not stink, u're being a drama queen today, chi !
who only showers once a day ?
chi : umm.... err.... who ?
poch : speechless ey ?

about the non showa n non brushing mai precious silky dog hair....
it's all tangled upppp....and chi has to cut some of them off.....
and I have some bald spots now :(
vatt ??? u dare ask for a photo ?
no no no .... i shall not reveal my baldspots...
thankfully because of my long and thick silky hair ,
the bald spots are safely hidden to the untrained eyes...
I'm still as gorgeous as ever
HUA HA HA HA HAH HA *evil laugh*

chi : pronch, stop scaring the readers
poch : hey u... it's ur fault u know
chi : heyy... u always giving me a hard time when I brush your hair,
you still have some hair tangled up on ur front legs....
lemme cut them off
poch : mai front legs ?
chi : nooo.... the tangless
poch : only if u can catch me :P *runs away*

wata = water
showa = shower

hic hic hiccup

Hic hic hiccup i like to hiccup, n chi give me wata.
She wonders if I'm makin it up just to get her to get me wata.
get it ? *winks*

I know now how to pee in bathroom, on command.
chi seems vewwy happy bout it.
I still poo whereever, but I always save some to pee n poo in chi's room.

chi : hey pronch, u peed on a rug yesterday.... why ? why ?? why ??
poch : oh stop overreacting chi.... it's just wata
besides, it's the side effects of hiccup-ing


The Reason

Owkayy... so chi's been busy with lil sis' wedding....
I understand dat
But Chi !!! It's been a month already....

so ??

u're gonna start updating mi blog again ?

Pwomise ??

okayy... I forgive u...

So... here's a souvenir from the big day...

it's GranMamma....
*chi... next pic better be my pic, owkay*

Look at her hairr....
Chi calls it Giant Brain....

and I agweee....

hmm.. why do I have strong urge to mess GranMamma's hair ??

Chi says it's my Evil Ninja Instinct which I must supress in order to achieve the Supreme Power.

I just look at her funny , pee a lil bit and walk away.


Boli Boli

Chi's been calling me Boli Boli for quite some time now....
Why chi ? why ?

She sez becoz I curl up like a ball so she calls me pronchball.
and pronchball becomes pronchy-bally
And pronchy-bally becomes bally bally aka Boli Boli
So it's Boli Boli everyday now.... *annoyed*

Then Chi saw this Japanese Name Game at Simba's blog
A-ka.. B-tu.. C-mi.. D-te.. E-ku.. F-lu.. G-ji.. H-ri.. I-ki.. J-zu.. K-me.. L-ta.. M-rin.. N-to.. O-mo.. P-no.. Q-ke.. R-shi.. S-ari.. T-chi.. U-do.. V-ru.. W-mei.. X-na.. Y-fu.. Z-zi

So... she figures out my name,
although my name is already kinda japanesey
she insisted , oh well....
it turns out dat my name is Nomomiriki Nomoshimotomiriki
wat ???
Nomo ???
No mo treats ?
No mo chew chew ?
I think I'll stick with Boli Boli for now...

PS. Chi, plish start posting my pics again owkay ?
or I shall attempt to escape
*highly influenced by signor scofield from prison break*

Lotsa Love,
Boli Boli aka Pochi Poronchi


The Reply

chi chi : No pronch pronch, you shan't run away from home, If u did, who's gonna feed ur fat wobbly tummy ?

poch : Don't mock me chi chi, or I shall strategically plant pee-bomb and poo-bomb in various discrete locations in your room.

chi chi : Are you threatening me pronch ?

poch : A woo woo woo woo....

chi chi : Oh pronch, u're my own lil bundle of meanie meanie miney mo *hugz*

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