Usually poch grabs something she likes and start munching on them
*socks, sandals, small towels, tissue rolls, rugs, mops, broom, leash, chew chew, water bottles, cardboard boxes, artificial plant leaves , .....ooh the list*
and chi chi would have to run and run and run after her to try and grab back those stuff from her jaw. *wipes sweat*

So clever chi chi comes up with a solution.
noo... the solution is not being organized and start putting things away in order, that would be insane :P

So chi chi lures unsuspecting ninja puppy aka pronchball with strategically placed baits aka unused sandals.
when the unsuspecting ninja aka poch approaches the bait, chi chi carefully observes, and just when ninja puppy grabs the bait, chi chi suddenly appears from her discreet stakeout location, this is when poch starts to frantically run away, and chi chi smiles cunningly and starts to run run run in exercise-workout-i'm-gonna-have-a-6-pack mode. Ha !!

what do you know.... you can trick even a sneaky ninja puppy to your advantage.


Simba said...

A mutant ninja, maybe.

Simba xx

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

hi porochi..
you are a shih tzu baby??? wowwwwwwwwwww
your look is so cute..
a big hug

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