Chika had an encounter with a RAT today !!!!

yes a RAT !!!! a giant one I might add , a GIANT RAT !!

Remember Chika ?
aka pupu, pupu purumpu, purum, chirinka phirinka
bad breath still lingers with dat one , but less farting now.

the RAT was in our frontyard and somehow it was kinda slow
and it befriended Chika, Nooo nooo... dat wasn't what happened
Chika was kinda confused and excited at the same time
approaching the non moving RAT
(yes it was alive !!)
and trying to pat the RAT's head with her paw and licks the RAT.
CHIKAAA !!!! Did you just lick the RATTT ??
YUCKKKKKK !!!!!! dat's so DISGUSTING PUPU !!!!!!!!!!!!

*sista interrupts*
huh ?, what sista ? I saw wrong ? no licking involved in the incident ? ok, copy dat *phew*

and somehow the RAT leaps leaps trying to escape and hides under the car.
and GUESS WHAT ???
Chika followed it !!!!!!!
And I'm frantically calling out chika's name so dat she could move away from the RAT
They're full of germs and all things yucky.
But there were a moment under the car where they were both sitting close by and just looking at each other, with the RAT's eyes so big and cute,
and I was like, DANGGGG WHERE'S MY CAMERA !!!!!!!!
here mousey mouse ....

but then I got back to reality and start yelling Chika's name again

Even tried to splash a bucket of water at them, (well, more like thinking of throwing the bucket along with the water towards them) But somehow when Chika heard the splashing and dragging of bucket, she approached me, happily, *talk about weirds and whys*. And so I snatched her and brought her inside the house.
Wipe her mouth and paws with Dettol + water solutions and put her into QUARANTINE
yesss QUARANTINE !!!!

And somehow housekeeper manages to catch the RAT
it involves brooms and loud voices, but wasn't as frantic as I expected, the RAT was kinda tired I guess.
So... finally PEACE is restored !!
Thank you Housekeeper !

This is photo evident of a possibly contaminated Chikapoo by Evil Mutant Rat.
Subject is in Quarantine.
and wat's dat on the left side ?
you've got poch too ??!!!!

1 comment:

Simba said...

That was brave to take on a rat. What a same it ended with a prison sentence.

Simba xx

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