Chi chi's Last Name

poch : Chi chi, come here...
I've found you your last name !!
me : what is it poch ?
poch : Your full name shall be "Chi Chi Foodsource"
me : heh ? it sounds like a supermarket's name in chinatown
poch : No, the name comes from deep thinking
me : more like deep sleep
poch : CHI CHI !!
me : why does the last name have to be "Foodsource" anyway ?
poch : A Ninja shall not reveal her secrets
me : Is it because I'm the one who gives you food ?

poch : *mm this one is smart, must be careful*


Simba said...

Keep an eye on the humans they can be too clever for their own good sometimes.

Simba x

Anonymous said...

Hey,thats funny.check out my blog

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