pru-she *officially written as pru(n)chi*

wait....who's pru(n)chi *pru-she* ?

well....people have family trees,
poronchi has name tree....

what is a name tree you ask ?
well... it's poronchi's name evolution

first, Ninja Puppy came as a nameless puppy...
the name on her birth certificate is...
well.... xxxxxxxxxx *undisclosed ninja name*

so... my sis decides to call her mochi
well... poronchi doesn't have a mochi face
she has a pochi face
so.... we agreed to use "pochi" for Ninja puppy

then comes "poronchi"
which completes the full name of Pochi Poronchi
*read : po-chee poron-chee*

then I started calling her poronchi *read : poron-she*
not because puppy is a she,
but I'm just pronouncing "chi" as a "she"
so far so good ?

then comes "poch" for short no.1
*read : poach*

then comes "pronch" for short no.2
then it's pronchie *read : pron-chee*
then it's prunchie *read : proon-chee*

then comes the silent "n"
so it becomes pru(n)chi *read pru-she*
so... it's pru-she pru-she for now :)

If you want to ask her to come,
well, you simply go "kam poch"
*officially written as come poch*
or "kam pronch"


me : pru(n)chi *pru-she*
pru-shee.... we're going to the supermarket...
do you wanna come ? we're leaving now...

pochi : wait... waitt... pochi wanna come...
don't go yet...waittt.... *runs*



mmm... zuki-zuki
*stealth approach*

*runs off to a safe location*

haa... ?
yas, dis is my zuki-zuki

in Ninja Puppy slang, zuki-zuki is zucchini yummy


Ninja Puppy is Tall

*umm...must balance*

Chi chi... hurry up and come measure my height

Tug of War with Ninja Puppy

mmpphh... *must win*

Boo... Pochi wins...oye

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