Da Dog Pouts

Poronchi was surfing the wide web world just now.
world web wide ? wide wide world ?
and stumbled upon Lorenza's site
and poch's been on a strike since then.

why o why I ask continuously
pout and pout is all I get from da Ninja Puppy
so I've decided to take this seriously and investigate this matter before it escalates into something bigger.

So... I peeked into Lorenza's crib.
ahh... dat's why....
(Lorenza has her own private fridge and special dining table, :) woohoo)

Poch : *daydreaming*
me : poch... hey poch...
Poch : *ignores*
me : *poke*
Poch : yas ?
me : we can share the big fridge you know :)
Poch : mmphh... *pouts*
me : I'll let you choose your spot...
Poch : .... only if I can also have my own puppy dining table
me : hmm.. tell you what.... how bout I take you to the mountains ?
Poch : To da mowntains ?
me : si....
Poch : when when when ?
me : soon soon soon :)
Poch : okay... but we'll have this talk again once we get back ow-rite ?
me : o-rite poch..... so.., truce ?
Poch : thruce trucee.... :) *packs up ninja fanny pack*


Lorenza said...

Hi, Pochi!
Thanks for coming to visit my blog!
I hope you can get your spot in the big fridge and your dinner table too!
Have a good night

Cakespy said...

I love little daydreaming Pochi!

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