My precious Puppy

me : Poch... since I don't have a blogertary.... yet, I'm gonna leave you alone for a while, promise dat you won't make any mess, won't chew on my stuff okay ?

Poch : owkay, pochie pwomise

me : Poch... !

Poch : o ouw *busted*... yas chi chi ?

me : dat's my backpack... you pwomised dat you wouldn't chew on my stuff !

Poch : but it's my precious , my pwecious.....


*ring ring*

:) : pronchie....

Poch : huh ? why do you disturb my peace ?

:) : phone for you dear

Poch : is it chi chi ? chi chi... is dat you ?
let me talk on the phone.... gimme phone....
are we going to mowntains now ? roadtrip ?

chi chi ? chi chi answer me... chi chi....

*a short while later*

Poch : chi chi... are you there ?

da puppy medidates

me : Poch....?
Poch : shoosh chi chi, I'm concentrating
me : on what ? why ?
Poch : to get your last name of course !
me : can i just be chi chi pronchie ?
Poch : mmm, I'll also medidate on dat
me : you mean "meditate on dat" ?
Poch : yes dat's wat I said
me : but you said....
Poch : shoosh chi chi, I'm medidating


Your name is chi chi

Poch : chi chi !

me : huh ?
Poch : your name is chi chi !
me : no... my name's....
Poch : yas, it's chi chi...
me : ?
Poch : you look like a chi chi, you have a chi chi face
me : what does dat mean ?
Poch : it means u r chi chi !
me : Do I have a last name ?
Poch : I'll meditate on that
And chi chi....
me : yas dear :)

Poch : u're also my mommy
me : awww... poch... *hugz*

From the Sky

This is Pochi from the sky

*oh poch, why r u so wet ?*

Monkey dance

Poch : ta ra ra ra...ta ra ra ra *staccato*
me : Poch... what r u doing ?
Poch : I'm doing the monkee dance
*ta ra ra ra.... ta ra ra*
with green infrared night vision eyes

me : monkey dance ? green eyes ?
u're kinda scaring me....
Poch : yas... it is believed to quicken the days till our roadtrip
*ta ra ra ra.... ta ra ra ra *

it's also my 6th ninja disguise

*ta ra ra ra ...*

come join me... don't be shy...

*ta ra ra ra ..... ta ra ra*


Da Dog Pouts

Poronchi was surfing the wide web world just now.
world web wide ? wide wide world ?
and stumbled upon Lorenza's site
and poch's been on a strike since then.

why o why I ask continuously
pout and pout is all I get from da Ninja Puppy
so I've decided to take this seriously and investigate this matter before it escalates into something bigger.

So... I peeked into Lorenza's crib.
ahh... dat's why....
(Lorenza has her own private fridge and special dining table, :) woohoo)

Poch : *daydreaming*
me : poch... hey poch...
Poch : *ignores*
me : *poke*
Poch : yas ?
me : we can share the big fridge you know :)
Poch : mmphh... *pouts*
me : I'll let you choose your spot...
Poch : .... only if I can also have my own puppy dining table
me : hmm.. tell you what.... how bout I take you to the mountains ?
Poch : To da mowntains ?
me : si....
Poch : when when when ?
me : soon soon soon :)
Poch : okay... but we'll have this talk again once we get back ow-rite ?
me : o-rite poch..... so.., truce ?
Poch : thruce trucee.... :) *packs up ninja fanny pack*

Pronchie... wer r u ?

me : Pronchiehoo.... Pronchieee......
Pronchiehooooo...... Pronchiiie.....
where r u hiding Pronchiiie ?
Pronchiiiie Pronch pronchhh.....

Pronch's not hiding, I'm just bored


Gangsta Dance

*hiphop music plahying*

Poch : And gangsta must know how to move it, Yo !
me : I thought u were a Ninja , yo ?
aren't u just running there ?
Poch : don't fight me, Yo !
Look into my eyes and see the sweat, Yo !
me : what sweat ? dogs don't sweat, yo !
Poch : *stares sadistically* what did u just say , Yo ?
me : umm... nuting..yo..
Poch : Don't you "yo" me, Yo !
can you run with just a single handstand, Yo ?
can you breakDance, Yo ?
*flex muscle*

me : can you also play yoyo, yo ?
Poch : What's yoyoyo, Yo !
me : not yoyoyo, yo !, it's yoyo, yo !
Poch : r u playing me, Yo ?


DragoN Head

Yes, this is DragoN Head puppy
*N being code word for Ninja*

How, you ask, can you achieve similar breathtaking effect ?
simplement ajoutez juste l'eau
which roughly translates as
semplicemente aggiunga appena l'acqua
no ? try this one
simplemente apenas agregue el agua
or this one
adicione simplesmente apenas a √°gua
still no ? how bout this one ?
addieren Sie einfach einfach Wasser

ahh... the joy of being a polyglot Ninja Puppy
danke danke.... danke schon

" what did you just say ? "
" it doesn't look like a dragoN head ? "

" Now what was that again ? "

" Must Pochi remind you of the Gangsta Smirk ? "


Ninja Gangsta Smirk

Pochi is Ninja, Yo !

don't mess with me !

Yo !

Da Light Test

Pochi baby Ninja passes the tremendous temptation
of Da Light Test

Da wat ?
Da Light Test !!

pochi no chase artificial light from battery powered flashlight
pochi ignore light
pochi pass da test
pass da test , pochi say !!

Da what test ?
Daaa Lighttt Teeestttt !!!!

try and ask pochi the same question again.....

*ninja stance*

Ninja Puppy Trains Hard

" Pull "
Fang Resistant Training
aka FaRT

" will pochi wear braces if pochi keeps on FaRT-ing ? "

Cobra Ninja Puppy

Fifth Ninja Disguise
Pochi as a Cobra Poobra
oui... dat's "hiss hiss" in venomous snake term

" who dares take my chew chew away ? "

Pronch Ball

Fourth Ninja Disguise
"Pochi as an Armadillo"
aka Pronch Ball

wise word of warning

"will attack when poked"

oui, oui, attackooo


New Year

Pochi wishes you a
Happy Christmas
and a
Merry New Year
Pochihoo !!

me : psstt... poch, it's the other way around...
pochie : nooo.. pochi's creative..., this way is more fun !

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