chika's e-collar and her full costume

These are chika's e-collars
can you see ?
The one on the left , we bought from the vet, made in sweden
the one on the right, we bought from a petshop, made in china

So, the one on the left is made in sweden, we got it from the vet who offered if we wanted to just take it coz we'd need it at home.
it was made with one plastic sheet, quite a simple-clever design i should say,
and it costs us around us $ 5
at home we found out that some of it has chew marks...
so other dogs must've used it before and somehow got it out and chewed on it....
not chika, coz even chewing soft chewy treats takes her a long long long long long time now.
anyhow... it was kinda hard putting this particular e-collar because the plastic thingy has to be inserted to secure the e-collar in place.
in addition to that, a plastic rope/string has to be secured around her neck, otherwise chika would just 'escaped' her e-collar,
of course we wouldn't wanna choke her, so we gave her enough room around the neck.
in short, a lot of work !!!

So we went to a pet shop again....
looked for an e-collar
made in china, cost us only around US $2
it had velcro..... yippieee....
the thing only took us 2 seconds to put around chika's neck...
so........ there.....
get an e-collar with velcro, it makes life so much easier.

So this is Brown Eyes in Full Costume
poch : they're yellow

One thing to note is dat you should really trim your dog's hair before a surgery
hohhoho... because chika is kinda too hairy now
But it all works, coz the hair acts as a section divider for the velcro, so the shirt stays put :)

But looks like the e-collar's making her uncomfy when sleeping though.
poor thing....

Chika is Usmy ?

We decided to put a shirt on Chika....
so the stitches doesn't get in contact with the floor

So we went to a petshop and there were red shirts, pink shirts, girly girl shirt, even dresses and we saw a bumblebee outfit dat we wanted to put on pochi so much. it has wingssss !!!! and a hoodie !!!
*focus chi, focus*

So... we came across this dark green shirt...
Perfect... coz we need to apply betadine (iodine solution) and a special creme from the vet, twice a day, so any stain won't really show.

Grandmomo had to modify the shirt a bit
so chika didn't have to put the shirt on from her neck....
grandmomo added velcro strips
So Miss Usmy can be comfy with the shirt.
wait ??? usmy ?? who's usmy ? (read: oos-mee)

Well.. the dark green shirt has U.S Army written on it....so when grandmomo modified the shirt, all that's left is Usmy hoho

hence, miss usmy (aka chika) :)

Chika back at Home

So.... this is Miss Chika with her e-collar on
next to grandmomo's feet and beaded sandals
So that you know....
Chika loves massages...
so whenever you're sitting down....
she sits next to you and position her back right where your foot is
and waits till you start massaging her with your foot !!
So... No... she's not posing for photo
She's waiting for grandmomo to give her massages


Chika's now doing great.... :)
the operation went well...

I haven't updated this blog in such a long time
hohoho... but timeline is not important here :)
All dat matters is dat I'm spending a lot of time with chika and dat one *points to poronchi*

poch : huh ? did you say something chi chi ?
*munch munch*

Anyway, here's a pic of chika 2 days after surgery....

the vet adviced us not to bring her home just yet....
pic were taken with fotophone... hence the blurry pic....
chika had an e-collar on. hohohoho
chika : chichi, dat's so not funny

Chika was soooooo happy to see us *chichi n grandmomo*
we had to tell her to calm down and not jump up n down so much.
btw, grandmomo is grandmamma in short
poch : how's dat shorter ? difference is only 1 letter

but we felt really bad when we had to leave her behind....
*sob sob*
poch : i bet you didn't feel bad about leaving me behind at home huh ? *munch munch*
I wanted to come and visit chika too.

So, will post photos of chika-at-home tomorrow :D

Love your dogs :)

I found this article, and it made me cry so hard....
so please....,
love your family,
love your kids,
love your work
and you can still love your dogs :)

A man in Grand Rapids, Michigan took out a $7000 full page ad in the paper to present the following essay to the people of his community:

When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I became your best friend. Whenever I was "bad,"
you’d shake your finger at me and ask "How could you?"- But then you’d relent and roll me over for a bellyrub. My housebreaking took a little longer than expected, because you were terribly busy, but we worked on that together. I remember those nights of nuzzling you in bed and listening to your confidences and secret dreams, and I believed that life could not be any more perfect.
We went for long walks and runs in the park, car rides, stops for ice cream (I only got the cone because "ice cream is bad for dogs" you said), and I took long naps in the sun waiting for you to come home at the end of the day.

Gradually, you began spending more time at work and on your career, and more time searching for a human mate. I waited for you patiently, comforted you through heartbreaks and disappointments, never chided you about bad decisions, and romped with glee at your homecomings, and when you fell in love.

She, now your wife is not a "dog person" –still I welcomed her into our home, tried to show her affection, and obeyed her. I was happy because you were happy.

Then the human Babies came along and I shared your excitement. I was fascinated by their pinkness, how they smelled, and I wanted to mother them, too. Only she and you worried that I might hurt them, and I spent most of my time Banished to another room, or to a dog crate.

Oh, how I wanted to love them, but I became a "prisoner of Love." As they began to grow, I became their friend. They clung to my fur and pulled themselves up on wobbly legs, poked fingers in my eyes, investigated my ears, and gave me kisses on my nose. I loved everything about them and their touch–because your touch was now so infrequent –and I would’ve Defended them with my life if need be. I would sneak into their beds and listen to their worries and secret dreams, and together we waited for the sound of Your car in the driveway.

There had been a time, when others asked you if you had a dog, that you produced a photo of me from your wallet and told them stories about me.
These past few years, you just answered "yes" and changed the subject. I had gone from being "your dog" to "just a dog," and you resented every expenditure on my behalf.

Now, you have a new career opportunity in another city, and you and they will be moving to an apartment that does not allow pets. You’ve made the right decision for your "family," but there was a time when I was your only family.

I was excited about the car ride until we arrived at the animal shelter. It smelled of dogs and cats, of fear, of hopelessness. You filled out the paperwork and said "I know you will find a good home for her." They shrugged and gave you a pained look. They understand the realities facing a middle-aged dog, even one with "papers." You had to pry your son’s fingers loose from my collar as he screamed "No, Daddy! Please don’t let them take my Dog!" And I worried for him, and what lessons you had just taught him about friendship and loyalty, about love and responsibility, and about respect for all Life.

You gave me a good-bye pat on the head, avoided my eyes, and politely refused to take my collar and leash with you. You had a deadline to meet and now I have one, too. After you left, the two nice ladies said you probably knew about your upcoming move months ago and made no attempt to find me another good home. They shook their heads and asked "How could you?"

They are as attentive to us here in the shelter as their busy schedules allow. They feed us, of course, but I lost my appetite days ago. At first, whenever anyone passed my pen, I rushed to the front, hoping it was you that you had changed your mind-that this was all a bad dream…or I hoped it would at least be someone who cared, anyone who might save me. When I realized I could not compete with the frolicking for attention of happy puppies, oblivious to their own fate, I retreated to a far corner and waited.

I heard her footsteps as she came for me at the end of the day, and I padded along the aisle after her to a separate room. A blissfully quiet room. She placed me on the table and rubbed my ears, and told me not to worry. My heart pounded in anticipation of what was to come, but there was also a sense of relief. The prisoner of love had run out of days. As is my nature, I was more concerned about her.

The burden which she bears weighs heavily on her, and I know that, the same way I knew your every mood. She gently placed a tourniquet around my foreleg as a tear ran down her cheek. I licked her hand in the same way I used to comfort you so many years ago. She expertly slid the hypodermic needle into my vein. As I felt the sting and the cool liquid coursing through my body, I lay down sleepily, looked into her kind eyes and murmured "How could you?"
Perhaps because she understood my dogspeak, she said "I’m so sorry." She hugged me, and hurriedly explained it was her job to make sure I went to a better place, where I wouldn’t be ignored or abused or abandoned, or have to fend for myself–a place of love and light so very different from this earthly place.
And with my last bit of energy, I tried to convey to her with a thump of my tail that my "How could you?" Was not directed at her. It was directed at you, My Beloved Master, I was thinking of you. I will think of You and wait for you forever. May everyone in your Life continue to show you so much loyalty.

A Note from the Author: If "How Could You?" brought tears to your eyes as you read it, as it did to mine as I wrote it, it is because it is the composite story of the millions of formerly "owned" pets who die each year in American & Canadian animal shelters. Anyone is welcome to distribute the essay for a noncommercial purpose, as long as it is properly attributed with the copyright notice.

Please use it to help educate, on your websites, in newsletters, on animal shelter and vet office bulletin boards. Tell the public that the decision to add a pet to the family is an important one for life, that animals deserve our love and sensible care, that finding another appropriate home for your animal is your responsibility and any local humane society or animal welfare league can offer you good advice, and that all life is precious. Please do your part to stop the killing, and encourage all spay and neuter campaigns in order to prevent unwanted animals.

written by : Jim Willis. 2001



Chika will undergo surgery this Saturday.
she happens to have mammary tumor.
She is still very active,
always jumping and running around
and eats a lot too :)
The thing is, chika's 9 years old
and chi's really worried, she's been crying.

chika : Don't worry chi, I'll be allright :) *smiles*

We love you chika *hugz*


me busy too

So, chi chi's been busy with work...

big deal....

I'm busy too

ninja puppy signing off *paw puff*


Therapy Ball

chi was very annoyed today...

poch : chi chi, dat's a strong word
chi : *frowns*

poch : so chi had to go to the bank today.. there was only 5 people in line, but it took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr................... so chi was really really annoyed....
afterwards she wanted to get ice cream.....*chi... r u 5?*...... and there was traffic jam going there , so she decided to just go home..... *wantz cold ice creammm*
so basically.... all frown frown & pout pout when I saw her....

but when she saw me.... she was all huggy huggy and forgot about everything dat happened earlier.

So...Yes it's official.... pronch ball is chi's therapy ball.
i though she was going to squeeze me.... i'm not a real ball, chi !!

poch : So chi... does this means I get more treats ?
where's my pic chi ? r u gonna post my pic now ?

chi : shoosh pronch... comereee..... *hugzzz* :)

ninja puppy shih tzu signing off *paw puff*



Ninja Disguise # 11
" Sea Cucumber "

chika on photophone

This is chika mamma looking like a cute baby puppy

slightly blurry... owkay... blurry blurry
but so cute tho... :)


chi wants to share this amazing pic of starz in a papaya :)

the explorer

Pochi the Explorer
yas dats me

a little privacy for the young explorer plish chi chi

hmm... instresting shape

nyom nyom nyom

forgive me chi chi, i'm not wat you ting ai am

it was all an act
ai am actually ....
a destroyaa

ninja puppy shih tzu signing off *paw puff*



chi : hey pronch, what r you doing by the door ?

poch : chi chi, your sista just came home

chi : oo.. i know...

poch : lemme out lemme out

chi : why ?

poch : she's my foodsource

chi : what ? i thought I was ur foodsource !!

poch : yas... but you are stingy foodsource, ur sista is generous foodsource, now lemme outt.....

sista sista, pochi's hereeeee !!! pochiii's hereee.... sistaaaa..... foodddd... sistaaa

chi chi's sista

poch : chi chi...since your name is chi chi foodsource mm...
let's make it chi chi pronchie foodsource
i'm going to name your sister :
princess sista achoo choo choo pronchie foodsource
here are the list of aliases that you should know of :
alias # 1 : sista
alias # 2 : choo choo
alias # 3 : princess

chi : why ? huh ? Hey !!!
why does she get to be called princess ?

poch : just becoz

chi : just becoz wot ?

poch : just becoz u're stingy and she's not :P

Golden Ball

chi : Here poch.... train with the golden ball instead

poch : seriously chi ??? dat ??

poch : here boli boli....

chi : but dat's ur name poch, not the ball's

poch : ohh owkayy... here goldie goldie....

poch : chi.... it's not responding
should I just attack it ?


poch : i don't want to train with goldie anymore,
she's a snob

*pouts again*

poch : chi dear, can I train with this instead ?
i found this under the table

chi : what table ? dat's my red sandal

poch : here... i can train with this like this....

busy poch

chi : what r u doing poch ?

poch : just sniffing

chi : *back to watching tv*

chi : *hears noises*

*and more noises*

chi : poch ...

poch : what ?

chi : what are you doing ?

poch : umm... i'm "FART training" , Remember ? it's part of my ninja training regime.

chi : well, umm... too, but no... no.... leggo poch

poch : *pouts*


swimee pool ?

Chi chi....chi chi....
what is dat ?
is dat a swimmee pool ?
what is it chi chi ?
I can't see inside.....
what's in there chi chi ?
is there fishie fishie in there ?

i iz reelee owned by pochi

everytime poch sneaks into granmamma's room
she'll hop on the scale

i do have proof, i do, i do

here's poch on da scale with her 'catch of the day'

will post more evidencesss


Ninja Disguise # 10
" Monkee woohoo "


yas chi chi

chi : poch
poch : yas chi chi ?

chi : hey poch ...
poch : yas chi chi ?

chi : pochi
poch : yas chi chi :)

chi : ooh pochh *hugz* :)


busy chi

Chi's been quite busy these days,
and she hasn't given me a showa in like....
well she gave me showa 2 weeks ago :(
but before that... i think it was a month... woohoooo

chi : poch, u stink !
poch : I so do not stink, u're being a drama queen today, chi !
who only showers once a day ?
chi : umm.... err.... who ?
poch : speechless ey ?

about the non showa n non brushing mai precious silky dog hair....
it's all tangled upppp....and chi has to cut some of them off.....
and I have some bald spots now :(
vatt ??? u dare ask for a photo ?
no no no .... i shall not reveal my baldspots...
thankfully because of my long and thick silky hair ,
the bald spots are safely hidden to the untrained eyes...
I'm still as gorgeous as ever
HUA HA HA HA HAH HA *evil laugh*

chi : pronch, stop scaring the readers
poch : hey u... it's ur fault u know
chi : heyy... u always giving me a hard time when I brush your hair,
you still have some hair tangled up on ur front legs....
lemme cut them off
poch : mai front legs ?
chi : nooo.... the tangless
poch : only if u can catch me :P *runs away*

wata = water
showa = shower

hic hic hiccup

Hic hic hiccup i like to hiccup, n chi give me wata.
She wonders if I'm makin it up just to get her to get me wata.
get it ? *winks*

I know now how to pee in bathroom, on command.
chi seems vewwy happy bout it.
I still poo whereever, but I always save some to pee n poo in chi's room.

chi : hey pronch, u peed on a rug yesterday.... why ? why ?? why ??
poch : oh stop overreacting chi.... it's just wata
besides, it's the side effects of hiccup-ing


The Reason

Owkayy... so chi's been busy with lil sis' wedding....
I understand dat
But Chi !!! It's been a month already....

so ??

u're gonna start updating mi blog again ?

Pwomise ??

okayy... I forgive u...

So... here's a souvenir from the big day...

it's GranMamma....
*chi... next pic better be my pic, owkay*

Look at her hairr....
Chi calls it Giant Brain....

and I agweee....

hmm.. why do I have strong urge to mess GranMamma's hair ??

Chi says it's my Evil Ninja Instinct which I must supress in order to achieve the Supreme Power.

I just look at her funny , pee a lil bit and walk away.


Boli Boli

Chi's been calling me Boli Boli for quite some time now....
Why chi ? why ?

She sez becoz I curl up like a ball so she calls me pronchball.
and pronchball becomes pronchy-bally
And pronchy-bally becomes bally bally aka Boli Boli
So it's Boli Boli everyday now.... *annoyed*

Then Chi saw this Japanese Name Game at Simba's blog
A-ka.. B-tu.. C-mi.. D-te.. E-ku.. F-lu.. G-ji.. H-ri.. I-ki.. J-zu.. K-me.. L-ta.. M-rin.. N-to.. O-mo.. P-no.. Q-ke.. R-shi.. S-ari.. T-chi.. U-do.. V-ru.. W-mei.. X-na.. Y-fu.. Z-zi

So... she figures out my name,
although my name is already kinda japanesey
she insisted , oh well....
it turns out dat my name is Nomomiriki Nomoshimotomiriki
wat ???
Nomo ???
No mo treats ?
No mo chew chew ?
I think I'll stick with Boli Boli for now...

PS. Chi, plish start posting my pics again owkay ?
or I shall attempt to escape
*highly influenced by signor scofield from prison break*

Lotsa Love,
Boli Boli aka Pochi Poronchi


The Reply

chi chi : No pronch pronch, you shan't run away from home, If u did, who's gonna feed ur fat wobbly tummy ?

poch : Don't mock me chi chi, or I shall strategically plant pee-bomb and poo-bomb in various discrete locations in your room.

chi chi : Are you threatening me pronch ?

poch : A woo woo woo woo....

chi chi : Oh pronch, u're my own lil bundle of meanie meanie miney mo *hugz*


The Ultimatum

Dear Mommi Chi chi Pronchie,

Please update my blog soon,
or else I'll run away from home

Pochi Poronchi



Usually poch grabs something she likes and start munching on them
*socks, sandals, small towels, tissue rolls, rugs, mops, broom, leash, chew chew, water bottles, cardboard boxes, artificial plant leaves , .....ooh the list*
and chi chi would have to run and run and run after her to try and grab back those stuff from her jaw. *wipes sweat*

So clever chi chi comes up with a solution.
noo... the solution is not being organized and start putting things away in order, that would be insane :P

So chi chi lures unsuspecting ninja puppy aka pronchball with strategically placed baits aka unused sandals.
when the unsuspecting ninja aka poch approaches the bait, chi chi carefully observes, and just when ninja puppy grabs the bait, chi chi suddenly appears from her discreet stakeout location, this is when poch starts to frantically run away, and chi chi smiles cunningly and starts to run run run in exercise-workout-i'm-gonna-have-a-6-pack mode. Ha !!

what do you know.... you can trick even a sneaky ninja puppy to your advantage.


Falso Alarmo

It's not Airborne
nor Touching-borne

Neither one of the two canines, ie. Chika & poch, is contaminated with Evil Mutant Rat
None of them, *me and housekeeper included* has turned into a Mutant.
Their eyes turned green for a short while (hence the photo evident) , which has me worried, but it turned out to be just greed.
but I strongly suspect that Poch is a Mutant in Disguise

poch : I am Ninjaaaa !!! ... Ninjaaaaaa !!!!



Chika had an encounter with a RAT today !!!!

yes a RAT !!!! a giant one I might add , a GIANT RAT !!

Remember Chika ?
aka pupu, pupu purumpu, purum, chirinka phirinka
bad breath still lingers with dat one , but less farting now.

the RAT was in our frontyard and somehow it was kinda slow
and it befriended Chika, Nooo nooo... dat wasn't what happened
Chika was kinda confused and excited at the same time
approaching the non moving RAT
(yes it was alive !!)
and trying to pat the RAT's head with her paw and licks the RAT.
CHIKAAA !!!! Did you just lick the RATTT ??
YUCKKKKKK !!!!!! dat's so DISGUSTING PUPU !!!!!!!!!!!!

*sista interrupts*
huh ?, what sista ? I saw wrong ? no licking involved in the incident ? ok, copy dat *phew*

and somehow the RAT leaps leaps trying to escape and hides under the car.
and GUESS WHAT ???
Chika followed it !!!!!!!
And I'm frantically calling out chika's name so dat she could move away from the RAT
They're full of germs and all things yucky.
But there were a moment under the car where they were both sitting close by and just looking at each other, with the RAT's eyes so big and cute,
and I was like, DANGGGG WHERE'S MY CAMERA !!!!!!!!
here mousey mouse ....

but then I got back to reality and start yelling Chika's name again

Even tried to splash a bucket of water at them, (well, more like thinking of throwing the bucket along with the water towards them) But somehow when Chika heard the splashing and dragging of bucket, she approached me, happily, *talk about weirds and whys*. And so I snatched her and brought her inside the house.
Wipe her mouth and paws with Dettol + water solutions and put her into QUARANTINE
yesss QUARANTINE !!!!

And somehow housekeeper manages to catch the RAT
it involves brooms and loud voices, but wasn't as frantic as I expected, the RAT was kinda tired I guess.
So... finally PEACE is restored !!
Thank you Housekeeper !

This is photo evident of a possibly contaminated Chikapoo by Evil Mutant Rat.
Subject is in Quarantine.
and wat's dat on the left side ?
you've got poch too ??!!!!

i is owned by pochi

Chi chi, can I claim ownership of dis thing ?

No ?? Too Bad, it's Mine now !!
mmm... my new crib

chi chi : *Sob*

poch : And no, I don't pee on my new territory :P
I only do dat in Chi chi's room

chi chi : and you also poo in my room,
all the time !!
*Sob sob*

poch : yas, dat too
very convenient


Lightning Speed

Since an early age, poch has mastered the skill of climbing up n down the stairs at lightning speed !
*tumbling down is only icing on the cake, poch says*

chi chi : " am so proud of u poch " *hugz*

groupies : Brava Poch !!
Quel talent ! t'es une tres douee ninja !

poch : " yas chi chi, i know " *hugz back*

*fix hair*

" and groupies.... , venez-vous, je vous donne des grands bisous ! " *sluurrp*

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