Puppy poch's drink

When Poch first arrived, my sis also brought back this yellow water dispenser drinking thingy. (pochi : "is mine is mineee....." , yes pochi, it's yours)
And I was like, there's no wayyy a puppy is going to drink out of that thing. I've only seen hamster or weird enough, rabbit does that. (I've been told dat rabbits don't drink, but apparently they do *shocked*)
So... we let poch ran around the house, after trying to chew everything in sight , she came and drank from the water dispenser thingy, ever so thirsty.
And I was staring, bewildered, perplexed and laughing at the same time.

pochi : "why r u staring, pochi thirsty, pochi drink from yellow thingy"

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