Poronchi got sick :(

My sister named her mochi, but pochi sounded much better.... so... her name's officially pochi, of course I have to give her a full name to be welcomed in this family. So Her name is Pochi Poronchi (read : pochee poronchee) Do I even have to tell you how to read her name ? oh well, just didn't want to confuse u.

Poronchi is feisty and she munches on everything dat moves, including my fingers, my feet, my toes and so on. See... I have proofs !!!

Anyway, she was really hyper the other day and started to cough slightly, We thought it was from the puppy snack we gave her. At night she was feeling a little tired, and her nose was a lil bit runny. We thought she had the flu. So... we snuggled her up in a blanket, she looked soooo peaceful, yet weak.

The next day *No, she didn't die the next day, shoosh* she was really weak, runny nose and watery eyes. She tried to go after moving objects *my feet* but failed, She tried to go up the stairs, but failed. She coughed as if something's stuck on her throat. I panicked, called the puppy doctor *ya ya, it's the vet* and the puppy doc suspected that it might be distemper and she could die. What ??? Aarrgghhh *tears sob sob*
Called my mum, she told me she once witnessed a puppy being put to sleep because the puppy had distemper. Aarrrgghhh.... I got more panicked...
So we (me, my sis, sis's bf, sis's friend) went to the doggie doctor and she did a distemper test. *why so many ppl going to the vet u ask? well long story* It is exactly like those pregnancy test, but pochi didn't have to pee on the thing, the doc took some liquid sample from her eyes. Her eyes ??? yeahh.. the doc used a cottonbud to 'poke' pochi's eyes and put the cotton bud into a solution and then put it on the test pack.
Tick.. tick... tick...
Poronchi's still coughing, not often though, and seems feisty again and Yiipiiieee.... the test was negative.... she only had kennel cough.

So.... Vit C shot on right leg and off to bed with some cough syrup , no antibiotics. She's fine :)

And No, dat's not poo, dat's dry leaf.

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