Poch's Fangs

Poch's been using me as a target practice lately,

you know how they train big dogs to attack the trainer's arm encased in dat thick arm-glove thingy ? Well... trainer's arm is me all over and dat thick arm-glove thingy is nonexistent.
Pain ? oui. Poch ? happy
Hand = Target practice
Arm = Target practice
Feet = Target practices
Hair = sniff sniff first, then pull

Look at those fangs !!

So it's puncture marks all over, ouch ouch.
multiple fang marks, eeyooohaaa.
And she acts as if she was hunting... observe first, and she does dat gesture where it looks like as if she was sorta bowing, and moves carefully towards you and bam.... she jumps at your arm... fang marks !

me : Hey poch.... poch
pochi : *no response* *munch munch*
me : poch... hey poch.....
pochi : .... Huh ?!
me : poch, were you a guard dog in previous life ?
poch : mm... maybe
me : maybe ?
poch : *mumble mumble*
me : what's dat ?
poch : Pochi is Ninja, and Ninja needs proper training to become Supa Ninja Pu

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