"Play Fetch with your Pet Dog"

Ever heard dat before ? yeah me too...

And of course in real life... it doesn't actually happen.
What happens is, you throw something, and the dog picks it up, and runs away with it.
And you stood there calling his/her name a thousand time, and the dog still wouldn't come to you.
So you approach your pet and try to take that something (let's make it a diamond), so you try to take the diamond away from your pet, only to find that your pet sneakily avoids you and runs away with it again.
So you thought to yourself, hmmm... my pet is confused , so you run after your pet and when you finally 'caught' your pet, you try to play fetch again , hoping this time around, your cute pet would bring the diamond back to you.
Wrong.... pet runs away again. and this happens over and over again, somehow we just keep on trying and cute pet keeps on running away with the diamond. good exercise for you though :)

So... how do the truffle finding dogs and herding dogs got trained ?
well, life's full of mystery.
Just like how Chika knows that everytime I let her out in the garden and say "Go pee" and she understands me, pees somewhere in the garden and comes back inside.
Or when she's still outside and before I let her in, I told her to pee , while I wait at the door, she pees and dashes inside afterwards.
So Cleverrrrrrr....

Hoping Baby Ninja will absorb some of that. She is after all, Ninja in training. Pochihoo !

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