Exactly 2 weeks ago, my sis n her bf bought a new puppy dog...
it turned out to be a shitzu puppy... the first moment I saw her *the dog* I thought to myself "What a fuglee puppy. Why would anyone ever buy such a thing??" To think it would grow up to a super hairy shih tzu ( shitzu ) with ribbons on the head ?? Arrggghhh....... wait a minute... is she *the dog* cross eyed ?
It's so tiny though, so small n light (only 2mths old, 1kg / 2lbs) I could pick her up on 1 hand , and I'm not a strong person :P (note dat I'm still refering dat dog as it and she). You can't even see her face... where's the face ? it's so flat !!

Anyhoo.... after a little trimming here and there , Trim nose hair, snip snip, Trim eyes hair, snip snip, trim forehead hair, snap snap. and voila ..... This is what we get !!! Isn't she the cutest dog everrr ??!!!! Feel like eating her... yummm slurrp...

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