Bath Time Fun

Baby Grinchieguard's starting to smell like pee

*sniff sniff, deep inhale* mmmm...
So... it's bath time today :D

me in bathroom : poch... pochh... come hither pochihoo...
pochi : pochi cominggg...
*runs happily towards bathroom*
*jumps around bathroom* *wag tail*
me : *turns on shower*
pochi : *approaches* mmm... sprinkly water... pochi plays with water
*runs around*
me : shower time poch ...
pochi : oohh it's a bit cold... *walks away slowly*
me : 2 more minutes poch
pochi : okay... 2 more minutes, pwomise ? *while walking aways slowly*
me : uhuh... pwomise :)
pochi : is it 2 minutes already, pochi hungry *carefully sneaking away*
me : no, it's only been 2 seconds
pochi : but pochi wants to clean up newspaper shreads outside
me : 1 minute poch
pochi : okay, pwomise ? *tries to run away*
me : pwomise
pochi : *puppy stare* already ?
me : done :)

Awww.. baby pochi is fresh puffy puppy

pochi : next time, pochi gives you shower okay ?

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