5 days later

I don't think pochi's a girl... I think she's psycho dog, well she's ultra sweet when she's tired, but otherwise, she attacks my feet too much. But I'm loving it hohoho.... Dat's her aiming for my sandal after not getting my foot.

She's gaining more weight now, I suppose some of it comes from my feet and fingers.
Remember when I said that she's cross-eyed ? Well.. again, I have proofs !!!!
Look at right eye in the first pic and look at left eye on the second one. Now u know !!

Isn't it cute ? I have a cross-eyed puppy ! Do you ? I bet you want one now huh ?

And she's so alert too ! Everytime she hears a noise, she'd stop whatever it is she was munching *my foot* and tries to find out what it is.

Here's another one of her.... Doesn't she look like a baby who just woke up with all hazy eyes and messed up baby hair ??? Well, she may look it, but a second ago, she was just furiously ripping dat rug to shreds.

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