The puppy tongue

Pochi's feeling really happy today , playing with a tennis ball, running around everywhere chasing the bouncing ball :)
Hey Poch.... tongue in :)

Hehe... Hehee....
pochi very happy

The Garlic Chronicle

Pronchie loves spending time in the kitchen nowadays, there's always something new to discover, something interesting to nibble.

and Today, Pronchiehoo discovers garlic.

*stares at garlic with glee*
pochi : pochi found dis... is pochi's, is pochi's

me : no poch, dat's garlic, you're not gonna like it *tries to take garlic away*

pochi : noo, is mine *runs away*

At a safe place
mmm... garlicc for pochi... *pulls garlic peel*

*munch munch*

mmm... umm.. pochi no like garlic *pouts*

But pochi likes zucchini

and also lettuce :)

Ninja Show off

pochi : pochi wants to show pochi's skills
please come follow pochi

come come... don't be shy

pochi must strecth first *umm.. must reach*

Pochi has angelic voice, and now, pochi will sing for you

"Awoo.. Just walking in the rain... awoooo... la la la"

"Raindrops keep falling on my head... la la la .. awooo"



Thank you thank you , please sit down... merci beacoup :)

Now Pochi give celebrity pose for photos


Bath Time Fun

Baby Grinchieguard's starting to smell like pee

*sniff sniff, deep inhale* mmmm...
So... it's bath time today :D

me in bathroom : poch... pochh... come hither pochihoo...
pochi : pochi cominggg...
*runs happily towards bathroom*
*jumps around bathroom* *wag tail*
me : *turns on shower*
pochi : *approaches* mmm... sprinkly water... pochi plays with water
*runs around*
me : shower time poch ...
pochi : oohh it's a bit cold... *walks away slowly*
me : 2 more minutes poch
pochi : okay... 2 more minutes, pwomise ? *while walking aways slowly*
me : uhuh... pwomise :)
pochi : is it 2 minutes already, pochi hungry *carefully sneaking away*
me : no, it's only been 2 seconds
pochi : but pochi wants to clean up newspaper shreads outside
me : 1 minute poch
pochi : okay, pwomise ? *tries to run away*
me : pwomise
pochi : *puppy stare* already ?
me : done :)

Awww.. baby pochi is fresh puffy puppy

pochi : next time, pochi gives you shower okay ?

Da Grinchie Pu is Bak

Da Grinchie Pu ?
yaa.. da grinchie pu !

*gets up*

"yes masta"


Ooh... da grinchie pu, my own personal grinchieguard.

Blue Sandal

World Domination Take Over Control
" The Awakening "
this is how it all began

pochi : *run run*
*sees blue sandals*
mmm... bluuuu.... pochi wants
*approaches* *sniff sniff*
mmmm bluuu.... poch's poch's
*sneakily runs away with blue sandal*
*run run around the house*
*chew chew*

pochi : Heh he he....
pochi tired from running around


"Play Fetch with your Pet Dog"

Ever heard dat before ? yeah me too...

And of course in real life... it doesn't actually happen.
What happens is, you throw something, and the dog picks it up, and runs away with it.
And you stood there calling his/her name a thousand time, and the dog still wouldn't come to you.
So you approach your pet and try to take that something (let's make it a diamond), so you try to take the diamond away from your pet, only to find that your pet sneakily avoids you and runs away with it again.
So you thought to yourself, hmmm... my pet is confused , so you run after your pet and when you finally 'caught' your pet, you try to play fetch again , hoping this time around, your cute pet would bring the diamond back to you.
Wrong.... pet runs away again. and this happens over and over again, somehow we just keep on trying and cute pet keeps on running away with the diamond. good exercise for you though :)

So... how do the truffle finding dogs and herding dogs got trained ?
well, life's full of mystery.
Just like how Chika knows that everytime I let her out in the garden and say "Go pee" and she understands me, pees somewhere in the garden and comes back inside.
Or when she's still outside and before I let her in, I told her to pee , while I wait at the door, she pees and dashes inside afterwards.
So Cleverrrrrrr....

Hoping Baby Ninja will absorb some of that. She is after all, Ninja in training. Pochihoo !

Poch's Fangs

Poch's been using me as a target practice lately,

you know how they train big dogs to attack the trainer's arm encased in dat thick arm-glove thingy ? Well... trainer's arm is me all over and dat thick arm-glove thingy is nonexistent.
Pain ? oui. Poch ? happy
Hand = Target practice
Arm = Target practice
Feet = Target practices
Hair = sniff sniff first, then pull

Look at those fangs !!

So it's puncture marks all over, ouch ouch.
multiple fang marks, eeyooohaaa.
And she acts as if she was hunting... observe first, and she does dat gesture where it looks like as if she was sorta bowing, and moves carefully towards you and bam.... she jumps at your arm... fang marks !

me : Hey poch.... poch
pochi : *no response* *munch munch*
me : poch... hey poch.....
pochi : .... Huh ?!
me : poch, were you a guard dog in previous life ?
poch : mm... maybe
me : maybe ?
poch : *mumble mumble*
me : what's dat ?
poch : Pochi is Ninja, and Ninja needs proper training to become Supa Ninja Pu


Puppy poch's drink

When Poch first arrived, my sis also brought back this yellow water dispenser drinking thingy. (pochi : "is mine is mineee....." , yes pochi, it's yours)
And I was like, there's no wayyy a puppy is going to drink out of that thing. I've only seen hamster or weird enough, rabbit does that. (I've been told dat rabbits don't drink, but apparently they do *shocked*)
So... we let poch ran around the house, after trying to chew everything in sight , she came and drank from the water dispenser thingy, ever so thirsty.
And I was staring, bewildered, perplexed and laughing at the same time.

pochi : "why r u staring, pochi thirsty, pochi drink from yellow thingy"

Ninja is still a Puppy

Although a Ninja, Poch is still a puppy Ninja.
Thankfully, Mamma chika is here to guide puppy Ninja to become Supa puppy Ninja.

Puppy Ninja looking for milk.
Baby ninja so cute !

Pochi is a Ninja

First Ninja Disguise :

Pochi as a Rabbit

Second Ninja Disguise :Pochi as a Feline

Third Ninja Disguise :

Pochi as a Chameleon

I've finally figured it out, Poch is not cross-eyed, she has a 360 degree rotation vision capabilites just like the chameleon.
Way cool... !!

Ninja Pochi in Action :

pochi : "Bring it On , you yellow rolling thingy"

*wrestling with green hand menace*

Maestro Pochi

Poch... hey poch... make up your mind,
sorceress or maestro ?
pochi : *the sorceress speaketh not, but acteth*

KungFu Fightin Pochi

Be Afraid !

Poch in Motion

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

One of Poch's many talents, ripping newspaper to shreads and distribute them evenly on the entire house, covering all grounds.

Puppy chores

5 December 2007
So... these are my tools...
I'm officially poch's poo picker and pee wiper.

how glamorous. oohh I can just feel the envy rising.
the stare.... tsk tsk...

Okay poch, move away from the gadgets !!
they're not toys, I repeat, they're not toys !
pochi : " but pochi want to help..."

...... *sob*

Poch's Christmas Spirit

and it's still is Monday 3 December 2007

A few minutes later, everything is back to norrrmal.
No more shining through wall vision, neither yellow nor green.

Poch even got into the christmas spirit by playing the flute !
Playing the Flute ?

Oh.. I can so hear the music !
the twilite zone music ? nooo... christmas music... kurisumasu musiko

puppy eyes

still Monday, 3 December2007

*twilite zone music*

Poronchi Grinchie Pu

Monday, 3 December 2007

Green eyes....Poronchi's possessed by the grinch, da grinchie pu ?
but dat's okay, right ?
I mean, the grinch's fairly harmless, right ?
and this can only mean dat poronchi's embracing the spirit of christmas.
The grinch always seems so happy at christmas, he smiles a lot and I believe he's planning a lot of wonderful stuff when he smiles and grins and talks to himself.

Right, poronchi ? Come pochi, come ......Pochi,


*message abruptly terminated*

pochi : "mm.. veramente delizioso... voglio di piu... di piuuu !! "


Poronchi has new shyop

Poronchi has new shyop, poronchi has new shyop, new shyopp... plish visit plish visit....Just simply click here Poronchi's 1st shop and Poronchi's 2nd shop and Lil Miracles shop ... is me is mee !! :) They all have different images of pochihoo on different products :) Lookey at these, uwwaaa... pochi want pochi wantt...Just click on the image to go to the shop



Monday, 3 December 2007
You know how there are crazy, crazier and craziest dogs ?
well, poronchi falls into the crazierrr dog category. *triple R*
She's not craziest yet, but with my power of foresight, I'm pretty sure that sometime soon she'll get there.
So proud of her.

Paw Paw

Monday, 3 December 2007

pochi : "iz mine iz mine !!" *gnaw*
me : "no poronchi, yours are the hairy ones"
pochi : "noooo... iz mine iz mine iz mine iz mine iz mine iz mine !!" *gnaw gnaw*

Mamma Chika

Sunday, 2 December 2007

This is Mamma Chika, Fullname : Chirinka Pirinka, Alias : chikapoo / pupu purumpu (read: poopoo pooroompoo). Is she Thai ? Well, she could be. My 8 year old toy poodle with bad breadth who recently starts farting everywhere she goes. She gets angry when Pochi's munching on her ears.

She's stylish too !
*I was trying to regain ownership of my sunglasses because she's such a show-off*
Love her :)

5 days later

I don't think pochi's a girl... I think she's psycho dog, well she's ultra sweet when she's tired, but otherwise, she attacks my feet too much. But I'm loving it hohoho.... Dat's her aiming for my sandal after not getting my foot.

She's gaining more weight now, I suppose some of it comes from my feet and fingers.
Remember when I said that she's cross-eyed ? Well.. again, I have proofs !!!!
Look at right eye in the first pic and look at left eye on the second one. Now u know !!

Isn't it cute ? I have a cross-eyed puppy ! Do you ? I bet you want one now huh ?

And she's so alert too ! Everytime she hears a noise, she'd stop whatever it is she was munching *my foot* and tries to find out what it is.

Here's another one of her.... Doesn't she look like a baby who just woke up with all hazy eyes and messed up baby hair ??? Well, she may look it, but a second ago, she was just furiously ripping dat rug to shreds.

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