Sexy Butt

In the mean time,
this is my sexy butt


plish ? :)

Hobo Tzu

So this is what Hobo Tzu does during the day

pochi : this is my blanket, chi chi is cheap

pochi : chi chi forbids me to shred blanket

pochi : what would you have me do chi chi ?
ooooo... what's dat ?
(pochi has mastered to pretend to look directly at you while actually staring at other stuff)

pochi : chi chi......it looks bright and warm and cozy and very chewy

To be Continued......

Monster lurks under my bed

I'm not imagining things,
but I seriously think a monster lurks under my bed

you see what I see ?



chi chi : Is that you pronch ?
and .......Is that my plastic cup I use to brush my teeth with ?

pochi : Oh... stop staring chi chi... it's not a monster, it's me pochi ;p

me.... cute....
If I look like this, would you let me keep the cup ?
no ?


Chi chiiiiii......... Let's Play


Pochi got caught !

Look at that pochi-is-about-too-pee-right-here-but-she-got-caught sneaky face

pochi : "Okay chi chi... I'll pee outside "

pochi : " Chi chi... door plish... I can't hold it in much longer "


How to escape from a Monster 101

Have Patience

see.... patience....
you can also play dead, but patience might get you treats ;p

wait for it
wait for it
wait for it


Not the Purple Flipflops

This is not the purple flipflop *pouts*

chi chi.... plish... purple flipflop ? ...... plish

purple ? chi chi ?


Pochi Poronchi Charity Project

Update.So this Charity project is officially closed,
I don't update this blog anymore and the shop's not raising any money for charity either, the amount stated below was just prolly a computer generated program to motivate shop owners, lol. :D
I just thought I'd leave this post here coz I didn't really wanna delete it.
(The money stays in either zazzle/cafepress because they have a minimum 25$ payment)
I prolly check up on zazzle/cafepress , decades from now and discover I have millions $,
okay, maybe not.

Pochi is still fine btw :) happy & healthy


Pochi Poronchi Charity Project Report

All time Total amount donated to charity :

(updated Nov 27th 2015)
Amount cleared at Zazzle right now : US$18.54
Amount cleared at Cafepress right now : US$7.17

(updated Feb 27th 2013)
Amount cleared at Zazzle right now : US$14.26
Amount cleared at Cafepress right now : US$6.37

Amount pending at Zazzle right now :
Amount pending at Cafepress right now :

Amount donated to charity on dd/mm/yy :
Amount donated to charity on dd/mm/yy :

Pochi Poronchi Charity Project

I love taking pictures of pochi and I love designing :)
and I thought why don't I do something meaningful out of it.

So I made a Shop at Zazzle & Cafepress selling products with beautiful Pochi printed on them :)

Zazzle - Pochi Poronchi Charity shop

Cafepress - Pochi Poronchi Charity shop

and here goes :)
All the profits on Pochi's shop at zazzle & cafepress will go to Charity.
yup... Charity
This is the Pochi Poronchi Charity Project :)

I love the designs on Pochi's shop and I honestly don't know how much donations it will raise, but I can always hope and the shop will definitely stay open :)
When I write this, I've just made US$2.84 earning from Zazzle shop which will go to charity (very thankful) :)

This is one way that I can do to contribute to help others in need, all the credits go to you as the donors. Thank you :)
I'm not trying to show off that the profit is for charity, but I'm just sharing one way how I can raise money for a good cause and maybe you may want to do the same, or even come up with much better ideas.

I'm not doing this to get people to buy more stuff as I don't support consumerism.
If you love the products on Pochi shop and you do need the products (T-shirt, bags, magnet, etc) then you'll be donating to charity via Pochi's shop by buying them.
But if you already have enough stuff at home, then by all means use what you have :)
If you want to donate to charity without purchasing anything, you can purely do so via your local charity organizations :)

If now is not the perfect time for you to make any donations, then do send your Positive energy and Prayers to those in need. It's more than enough :)

If you like the idea of Pochi Poronchi Charity Project, you are welcome to help spread the project you may :

save this banner & add them to your blog and link to either :

Link to Pochi's shop at Zazzle
add a link to Pochi's shop
<a href="http://www.zazzle.com/poronchi?rf=238265275560564966">Pochi Poronchi's Charity Project </a>

add a Pochi's shop widget on your blog sidebar
<script language="javascript" src="http://www.zazzle.com/api/zp/zpanel?zp=117133855124858629"></script>

add Pochi's shop flash panel at the top / bottom of your blog. (like the bottom of this blog)

<embed wmode="transparent" src="http://www.zazzle.com/utl/getpanel?tl=My%20Zazzle%20Panel&at=238265275560564966&cn=238265275560564966&st=date_created" FlashVars="feedId=0&path=http://www.zazzle.com/assets/swf/zp/skins" width="450" height="300" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed><br/>

Link to Pochi's shop at Cafepress
add a link to Pochi's shop
<a href="http://www.cafepress.com/lilmiracles1">Pochi Poronchi's Charity Project </a>
<a href="http://www.cafepress.com/poronchi1">Pochi Poronchi's Charity Project </a>


There will be no target on how much donation the Pochi charity project will receive and there will be no deadlines on when Pochi charity project will end.
The profits from the Pochi shop will always go to charity as long as Zazzle & Cafepress is still providing their services for users to open shops.

The price at the shop is not the amount that will go to charity. Most part of the total price will obviously go to Zazzle & Cafepress company, but all the profits that the Pochi shop makes, will be donated to various local charity organizations in Indonesia. (where I currently reside)
The total amount of final donations received would slightly differ due to fluctuations in currency.
There is a time span from the when a purchase is made to when I can receive payments due to zazzle/cafepress return-cancellation policy which is indicated by cleared-pending earnings and There is a minimum amount of earnings before the payments are sent to me, so I will donate when I receive the cheque from Zazzle & Cafepress.

In the Future, when I do receive a cheque from Zazzle & Cafepress for Pochi's charity project, I'll finally be able to make a donation and I'll try to show a prove of donations (photo) that says from poronchi.com specifying the amount.


a Big Thank you :)
Pochi Poronchi


Evil Eyed Monster

Blurry evil eyed monster aka pronch


A Chameleon Spirit

Chameleon Ninja Dog

InfraYellow Eyes

Evil Ninja Dog


Pochi ate my doll

chi : pronch, lookie here for pic

pochi : huh ?...... there ?
chi : no... right here.... look here....

pochi : *ignores chi chi* mm... what's dis ?

pochi : *gnom gnom*
: pochiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..................nooooooooooooooo

pochi : mineeeeeee.............*runs off with doll*


Puppy Picture Time

pochi : chika, can I chew on your ears again ?
chika : shoosh... picture time *smile*
pochi : where ?....oh....... *smiles*


pochi : chi chi.....lemme see lemme see..... !!!


Bottle is mine

ooo what's this ?



mine :)


pochi : Chi chi !! I said Give me back my tissue !!!


Me and My Dog Comic

This is a Comic from www.ipushyou.com

and I think it's so me :D
*when the dogs aren't trying to kill me that is* ;p
My dogs are always there to make me smile.

Chika's Bed time

Chi chi
You shouldn't have woken me up.
Now I'll have to kill you

Pochi's Secret Hiding Place

Chi chi...
You've found my secret hiding place.
Now I'll have to kill you.


Wonderful dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures aren't they ?
They make you smile, they make you laugh.
They're always happy to see you no matter what.
They're never mad at you, even though you tease them daily :)
They follow you around. well, they also follow food around ;p
They sneak into your bag and run away with your clean undies. *pochi*
They poo in your room and run away. *pochi again*
Seeing them wagging their tail makes you smile.
Just looking at them makes you want to hug them.
I'm thankful to have 2 wonderful dogs, Chika n Pochi

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