Chika's now doing great.... :)
the operation went well...

I haven't updated this blog in such a long time
hohoho... but timeline is not important here :)
All dat matters is dat I'm spending a lot of time with chika and dat one *points to poronchi*

poch : huh ? did you say something chi chi ?
*munch munch*

Anyway, here's a pic of chika 2 days after surgery....

the vet adviced us not to bring her home just yet....
pic were taken with fotophone... hence the blurry pic....
chika had an e-collar on. hohohoho
chika : chichi, dat's so not funny

Chika was soooooo happy to see us *chichi n grandmomo*
we had to tell her to calm down and not jump up n down so much.
btw, grandmomo is grandmamma in short
poch : how's dat shorter ? difference is only 1 letter

but we felt really bad when we had to leave her behind....
*sob sob*
poch : i bet you didn't feel bad about leaving me behind at home huh ? *munch munch*
I wanted to come and visit chika too.

So, will post photos of chika-at-home tomorrow :D

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