DragoN Head

Yes, this is DragoN Head puppy
*N being code word for Ninja*

How, you ask, can you achieve similar breathtaking effect ?
simplement ajoutez juste l'eau
which roughly translates as
semplicemente aggiunga appena l'acqua
no ? try this one
simplemente apenas agregue el agua
or this one
adicione simplesmente apenas a √°gua
still no ? how bout this one ?
addieren Sie einfach einfach Wasser

ahh... the joy of being a polyglot Ninja Puppy
danke danke.... danke schon

" what did you just say ? "
" it doesn't look like a dragoN head ? "

" Now what was that again ? "

" Must Pochi remind you of the Gangsta Smirk ? "

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